Friday, March 27, 2009

Interview with blogger

Hey Turei,

Totally enjoyed your clip on Facebook. I was starting to question my career by the end of it though:P

Oh Amanda thanks for setting all this up:) Greatly appreciated.

I emailed Malaysian blogger, Kenny Sia , asking for an interview. He's agreed to it anytime 6pm Malaysian time onwards (which is not likely as it would be about 10pm NZ time). Anyway there is no way we can be in our news reporting room at such late an hour at night.

Mr Sia is somewhat of a Malaysian blogger celebrity.

I would consider him a 'citizen journalist'.

I am sure Amanda has other cool bloggers to get in touch with too:)

See you guys Monday.

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  1. hey I have a few contacts in singapore who ill try and get a better interveiw time with , we could do it on skype because im guessing probably we are all too poor as students to call from our own phones to a an international number in the middle of the night?